Thursday, November 09, 2006

Native Indian Tribe Acquires Historic Land

The Northeastern native Indian tribe Passamaquoddies have a long history in eastern Maine and in New Brunswick, Canada. Recently, the tribe acquired a land parcel that contains rock carvings from thousands of years ago. The 5.5 acre parcel was given to the Passamaquoddy tribe by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust in exchange for a conservation, no-development easement on 300 acres of land. Called Picture Rocks, the carvings include hunters, moose, caribou, shaman and other characters that tell stories about native Indian tribal life and the history of what is now Maine. Among the largest petroglyphs is a large sailing ship moving through water, believed to be a recording of explorer Samuel de Champlain's arrival in 1604. Picture Rocks is perhaps the most important petroglyph site in Maine, said Mark Hedden from the Maine Historic Preservation Commission.

To see some examples of great modern day Native Indian art, see Free Spirit Gallery.

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