Thursday, November 30, 2006

Only Three Weeks Left For Christmas Shopping

There's only three weeks left for Christmas shopping and I can't underemphasize the importance of putting in your order for any Eskimo art or Native Indian art as soon as possible. Three weeks is close to the maximum time buffer I would suggest for shipping items out in time for Christmas. In fact, for overseas deliveries, we would have past that buffer zone already unless very expensive express overseas shipping is used.

For North American based customers, there is still a very short window of time left (less for points further away from Montreal, Canada). So please avoid disappointment and get your order in if you intend to give some unique Eskimo art or Native Indian art as gifts this holiday season.

Last year, one customer made an order just 5 days before Christmas and had to pay double shipping costs in order to get the item in time for his daughter as a special Christmas gift. Don't make that mistake. Check out our gallery and do your shopping now.


Anonymous said...

Im not postive but I heard Inuit peoples especially in Canada dont really like the term "Eskimo" --it really means meat eater --Im not being rude but just clarifyingIn Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit people, "Inuit" means "the people". The English word "Eskimo" is of uncertain origins, but most likely derives from an Algonquian language. It is widely believed to mean "eater of raw meat", although this meaning is disputed. Many Inuit consider the word Eskimo offensive, but, in absence of any other collective term, it is still in general usage outside of Canada to refer to the tribes of people, including the Inuit, who live at the northern extremities of Asia

thank you

Clint said...

Yes, you are right. The term 'Eskimo' comes from a Cree word. The northern people over in Alaska still refer themselves sometimes as 'Eskimo'. It's quite strange but even though the Canadian government ackowledges the Inuit's preference in terminology, they still have the Igloo tags as certified Eskimo art. Free Spirit Gallery uses both Inuit and Eskimo terms because most of our web visitors are from outside Canada and many do not know the term Inuit. We state this on the bottom of our home page and this decision is not meant to be any disrespect to our Inuit friends.