Friday, December 01, 2006

Killerwhale Attacks Trainer At Seaworld

A female killerwhale attacked one of her trainers at Seaworld in San Diego during a performance. The trainer was bitten on the foot but he did his best to calm the killerwhale down which probably prevented further injuries. After the killerwhale let go, the trainer was able to get out of the pool on his own but required surgery at the hospital. The same female killerwhale performed at regular shows the next day but without the trainers in the water. It is not known what set her off during the incident with the trainer and the staff is trying to investigate. Attacks on humans are very rare. According to one expert, this type of attack is nothing compared to what killerwhales are actually capable of when observing them in the wild during their hunting so this adds more to the mystery.

The Northwest Native Indian people consider the killerwhale to be a very important animal in their culture. See Native Indian Killerwhales for more information.

Also see Northwest Native American Art Killerwhale Carvings.

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