Friday, December 15, 2006

Protect White Moose Like First Nations Culture?

Scandinavia is home to 450,000 moose. Now residents and hunters are at odds over the fate of a rare albino moose spotted in the forests of Ostfold province in Norway. Locals have named the moose "Albin." They want the moose protected from hunters much like it is in Ontario, Canada where white moose are important in First Nations culture and art.

Some hunters and scientists, however, want the moose shot. Albino moose usually have inferior sight or hearing and their lack of pigmentation makes them more visible to predators. If Albin breeds, the hunters say the genetic abnormalities could spread throughout the herd. Morten Brommdal, from the University of Oslo, calls Albin a genetic "mistake... That so many people want the white moose to live is an emotional issue," he said. "It is exciting to have such a rarity rustling around. But if it is spared, we risk the moose's breeding qualities spreading."

Sigmund Lerheim, the head of a local wildlife committee in Ostfold, can't guarantee the moose will be protected. Hunting quotas are limited by age and sex, not colour, he said.

In March, the province of Ontario in Canada passed a law to protecting white moose near Timmins. That decision was made to encourage eco-tourism and to mark the cultural significance of the white moose to First Nations people of Canada. This is similar to the importance of the white buffalo in First Nations culture.


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Plusua said...

Please look at this more objectively. Use the example or comparison used here to address the issue over this 'white moose' and think of it as a story, with a villain, a few hereos and a belief, all of which surrounds another living being. How would you like for this story to have an ending?

If anything think about the animals too, they need us to act for them. Once we as a World People don't do anything for them, they will remember our inactions, their spirits, the animal spirits will be saddened by our disconnections to nature, as if it were all but forgotten. If anything speak out, type out, blog out, expand and challenge, move the ball forward and test your limitations because you can, that your voice has power. Let's use our voices here, there, everywhere to protect our relationship to the animal and spirit worlds that exist in this life as seen through the eyes and heard through the sound of Aboriginal voices around the World. Act now, stand and take part in this long awaited awakening of this long past relationship to the animal world. THey have lots to teach you and you have much to do to help them now and for tomorrow in our ever changing worlds. The path is before us, let's hope we find each other along the way, helping our animal brothers and sisters.

All my relations,

Frank Jr. Molley
Listuguj Migmaq

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as an albino moose. Look it up! The coloration is rare, but within the natural range for the animal. These animals occur at an average rate of 1 out of 100,000 though there is one herd in North America that averages 1 out of every 10,000. The argument made by a supposed "biologist" has to be bogus, because a real biologist would know this.