Monday, January 29, 2007

Canadian First Nations Community to be Respected

The Ontario provincial minister for children and youth services is respecting the Wahgoshig Canadian First Nation's decision to keep child welfare workers out of its community. "I do agree with their desire to have their kids cared for according to their traditions and culture and customs," said Mary Ann Chambers from Child and Family Services of Timmins. "I'll leave it up to the chiefs and the councils to determine who goes onto their reserves or who doesn't go on their reserves."

Canadian First Nations Wahgoshig Chief Dave Babin is grateful. He says the trend in many Children's Aid Societies is to separate Canadian Native Aboriginal children from their parents based only on the word of concerned citizens. "There's no investigation," Babin said. "They take the word of other people. People don't even know the real situation. Basically, Child and Family Services grabs the kid and the mother never sees the child ... Our children are being kidnapped from our own communities."

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