Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Canadian First Nations Kids Started Smoking At Age Five!

Researchers in Ontario, Canada have received a $990,000 grant for a five-year project aimed to reduce the number of Canadian First Nations youth abusing tobacco. Researching the traditional use of tobacco in Canadian First Nations religious ceremonies will be an integral part of this project. "First Nations youth have a rate of smoking that is twice that of the general population of Canada," said Sheila Hardy from Laurentian University in northern Ontario. "We are looking at how we can work that tradition in to promote tobacco use in a good way."

She believes advocating tobacco use for spiritual purposes may decrease the number of Canadian First Nations youth who smoke socially. It's been reported that very young children are involved with tobacco. "From some of the calls I've had, they are talking about kids as young as five or six that are socially smoking," said Dr. Peter Selby from the University of Toronto.

So if a kid starts smoking at the age of five, once they are fifteen, they would have been smoking for ten years already. Twenty years by the age of twenty five. That's just outrageous!

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Jim Cosgrove said...

Hi Clint,

Hmm, a million bucks to find out why kids smoke? How's about, it's because their parents let them and some actually encourage it.
The Government could surely find better use for the money and research time.
Making it illegal for a child under a certain age to smoke (socially) might be a good start. Itu Jim