Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Inuit Art and Native Art as Corporate Business Gifts

Both Inuit art and Native art have proven to be unique, memorable corporate gifts. Companies have chosen to give such artwork as business gifts for customers and business partners alike. Business clients will certainly remember and appreciate such wonderful gestures when a piece like an authentic, one of a kind soapstone carving from the Canadian Arctic or a hand carved wooden killer whale from the Pacific Northwest coast is presented.

Inuit art and Native art also make great gifts for international business associates as well since they are uniquely Canadian. This type of artwork is certainly not your usual bottle of wine type of business gift that one can get anywhere. Indeed, Canadian companies have brought Inuit art carvings along on business trips to Asia, Europe, Central America and of course, USA. When documents certifying authenticity are accompanied with such pieces, the gifts are even more special.

Aboriginal art such as Inuit or Native, have also been given as retirement presents for employees as a way to show their many years of service to a company. But employees do not have to be heading into retirement in order for such artwork to be appropriate as gifts. Free Spirit Gallery shipped 30 Inuit carvings to a major retailer in the Netherlands when that company wanted to give their employees something extra special as Christmas presents. It turned out that one of the managers there was Canadian and had the idea of giving something from his home country to the local staff. Imagine the eyes of amazement when foreign employees unwrapped hand made stone carvings from another land.

Aboriginal artwork has even made it into sporting events. There was a bowling tournament in the US west coast and the top prizes were actually authentic Pacific Northwest Native carvings. Fund raising events can also be quite memorable when prizes consist of Native art.

Take a look at our gallery and imagine certain pieces of either Inuit art or Native art can be utilized as special gifts from your organization to help you build valuable business relationships.

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