Friday, January 05, 2007

More Polar Bears as Part of New Eskimo Art Sculptures

As part of a new supply of Eskimo sculptures, Free Spirit Gallery has received new polar bears. Both of these polar bear sculptures are superb and one of the attractive features of them are that they are priced well below $300 US. Previously, the polar bears we had in our gallery were fairly large and high end at around $400 US or higher. These new polar bears will be perfect for customers who still want to acquire nice bear Eskimo sculptures but at a lower price range. Free Spirit Gallery's prices are already 20% to 50% lower than typical retail street galleries and shipping within North America for these new polar bears is free of charge which really sweetens the deal for them.

Take a look at these new bears at our Eskimo Sculptures page of Polar Bears. The new polar bears are items ibe-46 and ibe-47.

eskimo sculptures polar bears eskimo sculptures polar bears

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