Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Native American Art Tribal Masks In

The new and much anticipated Northwest Native American art tribal masks by Cody Mathias are finally in. Cody has created a bear mask, a wild man mask and a moon mask for Free Spirit Gallery. The bear mask features sea shells for the teeth which make it extra special. All of these masks are priced under $1,000 US which is virtually unheard of in authentic Northwest Native American art masks but since Free Spirit Gallery is an exclusively online gallery without street retail overhead expenses, these native masks can be offered to the public at such great prices.

Go see these masks now at Northwest Native American Art Tribal Masks.

northwest native american art tribal masks

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Clint said...

Just a quick update on this -- the moon mask was quickly snapped up by a fast acting customer in San Francisco.

Clint - Free Spirit Gallery