Friday, February 02, 2007

Places in Canada with Native Aboriginal Indian Names

It’s incredible how many places in Canada were actually named after Canadian Native Aboriginal Indian words or names. Everything from provinces, cities, towns, rivers, lakes and even the country itself have been named after Native Aboriginal Indian terms.

There's a huge resource of 2,500 Native Indian names and meanings available in one book for those who are enthusiasts of Native Aboriginal Indian culture or languages. It is also a great source of Native Indian names for those searching for the perfect name for a future baby or pet.

A partial list of some well known places in Canada and their Native Aboriginal Indian meanings are below.

Athabasca Lake: from the Cree word meaning “where there are reeds”

Canada: from Wendat Huron word meaning “village” or “settlement”

Chilliwack: from Halqemeylem word meaning “going back up”

Coquitlam: from Salish word meaning “small red salmon” or “place of stinking fish”

Etobicoke: from Ojibwa word meaning “the place where the alders grow”

Iqaluit: from Inuktituk word meaning “fish”

Kelowna: from Okanagan word meaning “grizzly bear”

Many more examples can be found at Places in Canada with Native Aboriginal Indian Names.

Also, see Native Aboriginal Indian Art for examples of native artwork.

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