Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Native Fish Carvings and Fish Sculptures for Sport Fishing Enthusiasts

Fish carvings and fish sculptures are popular decorative pieces for sport fishing enthusiasts as well as those who are interested in fish in general. If you are such a collector of fish artwork, you should consider adding a piece made by a native aboriginal artist for your home, office or lodge.

The native aboriginals of the Pacific Northwest coast make some stunning wood carvings of salmon fish which is the most important fish species in the region as a food source and as part of native culture (popular in sport fishing too). Salmon carvings are expertly carved with wonderful details and are usually presented as wall plaques. These salmon fish carvings are often painted with various colors but sometimes the pieces are finished in natural wood stains too. See examples at native aboriginal fish carvings.

The Inuit from Canada’s Arctic north also produce fish artwork. Rather than using wood, Inuit artists use indigenous stone to produce three dimensional fish sculptures. Of course, instead of salmon, these northern artists create sculptures of local based fish species such as Arctic char. Master Inuit carvers put in equally exquisite details in their fish sculptures as their Pacific Northwest coast counterparts do.

Read the rest of this interesting article with photos at Native Aboriginal Fish Carvings.

native aboriginal fish carvings sculptures

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