Friday, April 20, 2007

Life For Northwest American Indian Artists Not Always Easy

I spoke to Paul Joseph, one of my favorite Northwest American Indian artists the other night over the phone to see how he was coming along with some artwork that he was working on for Free Spirit Gallery. It looks like the native carvings that he's making will not be ready until May. Paul is only able to work on his artwork for a bit at a time during the week and on weekends now that he's taken on an overnight shift as a security person.

This is an example of just how difficult things can get for Northwest American Indian artists as it's very hard to live off art fulltime, especially when families need to be supported. It's not unusual that artists have to take on other jobs in order to pay the bills. Unfortunately, sometimes this can result in very talented artists not doing their art anymore which is a loss for all of us.

Let's just hope that Paul will be able to sell more of his wonderful art so he can scale down his full time job to part time in order to spend more days doing what he loves to so which is to produce awesome American Indian carvings. We are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Northwest American Indian art that he is producing for us sometime in May.

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