Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mohawk Native Indian Group Blocks Railway

A group from the Mohawk Native Indian group in Ontario, Canada blocked part of a major railway route near Kingston this week. This is a major railway route between the cities of Toronto and Montreal. They are protesting against developers planning to build on their land claims. The planned blockade disrupted freight rail and also the busy passenger rail systems. Passengers had to be bused between Toronto and Montreal.

One observer of the protest argued that instead of disrupting a major railway system, the Mohawk group should have taken their issues directly to Ottawa with the federal government. The Mohawks say that their next target for protest is already chosen and it will most likely be another public disruption of some type.

It is really too bad that we see such events happening. Canadian Native Indian culture is so rich and has so much to offer for the rest of the world. Such protests of this nature do not help promote Canadian Native Indian culture and art to the rest of us in a positive way. I wish that there could be established venues for negotiating such issues.

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