Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Orders In Place For Inuit Art American Indian Art Gallery

Orders placed for Inuit art and American Indian art at Free Spirit Gallery are date/time stamped by our secure shopping cart system. This is important since all artwork at the gallery are one of a kind pieces. There is only one of each item. Therefore, the first who orders a particular piece will be the lucky new owner of that artwork.

This feature will be important especially in the next several days starting today because of overseas travel as we will be away from our offices at Free Spirit Gallery. Our website will continue to run and our secure ordering system will continue to take orders, with the time/date stamp feature. We will try to check our e-mail a few times during our week away. Orders will be processed in the order they were received as soon as we return back to our offices at Free Spirit Gallery on May 3.

So if you see a particular piece of Inuit art or American Indian art that you really like at our gallery, don't hesitate to order it right away to secure it. We will process and ship your order as soon as we can upon our return on May 3.

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