Wednesday, April 04, 2007

White Stone Inuit Carvings from the Arctic

Free Spirit Gallery gets Inuit carvings from the Arctic regions of Baffin Island (Iqaluit, Cape Dorset) and the Nunavik (northern Quebec Arctic) areas where the stone is usually dark from greens, browns, grays to black. In Central Arctic, the stone could be white and the resulting Inuit carvings from that region are therefore white in color. For more information on stone, see Inuit Art Materials.

Although Free Spirit Gallery doesn't deal with Inuit carvings from Central Arctic, we now have a partner that deals only with artwork from that particular region of the north. Our new partner, Gallery Canada, specializes in white Inuit carvings from Central Arctic. We will be highlighting some example white Inuit carvings in upcoming posts as they are also featured and linked via the Free Spirit Gallery website.

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