Saturday, May 26, 2007

Canadian First Nation Indians Build Ecotourism Business

The Canadian Indian Hollow Water First Nation in northern Manitoba is building an ecotourism business they call wilderness therapy. The tours they run involve skimming over the beautiful, snow-rimmed areas to lose the winter blues. All a customer has to do is hop on back of a dog sled pulled by 10 energetic dogs at 25 kilometers per hour.

Hollow Water's ecotourism project is part of a Canadian national program which dedicates federal dollars to help those who suffered abuse at residential schools. The dog sledding venture is still in the early stages as they have taken only 75 customers across the snow so far. Currently, Hollow Water is training more young Canadian First Nation Indian people to lead the trips. Local Wanipigow School will also use the program as a credited part of their curriculum next fall.

This is a great idea as it helps build a local economy these people much like Canadian Indian art has for other areas.

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