Monday, June 04, 2007

Northwest Native American Art Moving Sale

The moving sale announced yesterday at Free Spirit Gallery also applies to the Northwest Native American art as well as Inuit art. We will be moving from Montreal to Toronto in July. I would prefer to minimize the amount of Northwest Native American artwork that would have to be moved, so this is why this Special Moving Sale was announced. In addition to the already lower than street retail prices at Free Spirit Gallery, I am offering an additional 10% off on any artwork at the gallery. A $995 Northwest Native American art tribal mask such as the bear mask currently in our gallery would have a savings of almost $100.

As mentioned yesterday, this moving sale will not be announced on the website as I’m making this additional 10% savings available ONLY to previous customers and select visitors (including all visitors to this blog). The prices currently on the website will not be changed but if you place an order this month before the movers come in July), I will adjust your order price by knocking off another 10%. You should just add in a note on the order page to mention this moving sale in order to alert us that you are eligible for the additional 10% off.

So remember, once the movers come at the beginning of July, I won’t be able to offer this moving sale again so please consider taking advantage of it now.


Free Spirit Gallery

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