Monday, June 11, 2007

Pro Baseball's Team Logo Developed With Local Native Americans

The Spokane Indians of pro minor league baseball has a new logo that was developed with the local Native American Spokane tribe. This logo features an eagle feather, one of the most revered symbols in Native American culture.

One version of the baseball team's new logo is also written in Salish, the Spokane tribal native language that is also spoken in the Pacific Northwest region. This is the first time that a professional sports team has collaborated worked with a local Native American tribe to create a team identity.

"We have received so much positive local feedback on the new logo, but it is nice to know that people in our industry also appreciate the new logo," said Spokane Indians President, Andrew Billig. The Spokane Indians will wear their new uniforms and logo for the first time on during the team's opening night game on June 19.

For more info, see Native American Culture and Native American Art.

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