Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shipment Of Northwest Indian Art Carving Successful From Toronto

Looks like our first Northwest Indian art carving being shipped from Toronto was successful as it arrived safely to our customer in Washington state. In fact, the FedEx drop off hours here in Mississauga are even more convenient than they were in Montreal. This means that we at Free Spirit Gallery are even more flexible than ever to get shipments out the same day as we get orders for either Northwest Indian art carvings, prints or Inuit art sculptures.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Our First Northwest Coast Indian Art Shipment From Toronto

We will be doing our first Northwest Coast Indian art shipment from our new location in Toronto today so I'm eager to see if the local services will be as efficient as they were in Montreal. I'm sure that they will be since we will be using FedEx. This first shipment will be a bald eagle carving by Northwest Coast Indian art carver Gary Baker and will be going to a lucky customer in Washington state.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Alaskan Eskimo Yup'ik Wins Game Show Prize

When Alaskan Eskimo Yup'ik Heidi Kurtz won $204,000 on the TV game show, "Deal or No Deal," her original goal was only to "to do well for my boys." Well, Kurtz did well not only for her boys but she also did well for her native people.

The young Yup'ik mother burst through people's TV screens with kinetic energy, bouncing with pride in her Northern Native Eskimo culture. She work kuspuks, sampled a bit of Yup'ik dancing, and even spoke the Eskimo Yup'ik language. "It made me feel really proud that I could be on there and be myself and be proud of my culture," Kurtz said. "That's amazing."

As far as what she will she do with the money, she intends to buy a new car that is safe and dependable with four-wheel drive. She will also set aside money so her boys can play sports and go to college. And she will pay her bills. "... I've got debt to way up here," Kurtz said. "I want to pay my debt, and start a life with good credit."

For more on Northern Eskimo culture, see Eskimo art.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting Inuit Drums and African Drums

Sometimes we get the odd request for Inuit drums. We don't currently have a source for Inuit drums but we suggest those who are looking for one to contact the Inuit Art Foundation in Ottawa, Canada since they have Inuit members on their management who do have Inuit drums. Free Spirit Gallery does know a reputable source for African drums.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Native Indian Art Gallery Up and Running Again

Native Indian art gallery Free Spirit Gallery has relocated to the Toronto area and is now up and running again. Take a look at our newly designed website and the artwork available there. All shipments will now come out of Toronto.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Northwest Coast Native American Art Gallery Packing Today

Northwest Coast Native American art gallery Free Spirit Gallery is packing today and all of its artwork will be going into storage and then in transit to its new home in Mississauga, Ontario near Toronto. Customers can still browse and enjoy the new Free Spirit Gallery website during this relocation period. Customers can even put orders for artwork in and are even encouraged to do so since each order has date/time stamps on them. The first orders received will be the ones that will secure each piece of artwork in case two or more people order the same piece.

We will still be checking our e-mail on a regular basis perhaps every other day so we will still have access to our orders. Orders coming in from now to the end of next week will not be processed until the weekend of July 14 with the first shipments going out again on July 16. But again, if you spot a piece of either Northwest Coast Native American art or Inuit art, don't hesitate to order it because the first who orders it will secure the piece.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Getting Good Feedback On New Inuit Art Website Design From Customers

Previous customers have been letting us know that our new Inuit art website design is a nice improvement. They like the readability of the text and the way the photos are arranged. All Inuit art categories are now listed on the bottom of each page too speeding up navigation through the site. Give it a go at Free Spirit Gallery Inuit Art.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Took Video Footage and Photos at Museum of Civilization

I went up to Ottawa/Gatineau yesterday during Canada Day (July 1) to see the Museum of Civilization. They have a huge exhibit on Canadian Aboriginal culture and artifacts including a nice collection of Northwest Coastal native art, masks and totem poles. There were also some vintage Inuit art carvings as well.

I took lots of video footage and photos so of course these will be turned into future articles for the Free Spirit Gallery website at some point in the future. The Museum of Civilization is defintely a must see when in the Ottawa area.