Thursday, July 19, 2007

Alaskan Eskimo Yup'ik Wins Game Show Prize

When Alaskan Eskimo Yup'ik Heidi Kurtz won $204,000 on the TV game show, "Deal or No Deal," her original goal was only to "to do well for my boys." Well, Kurtz did well not only for her boys but she also did well for her native people.

The young Yup'ik mother burst through people's TV screens with kinetic energy, bouncing with pride in her Northern Native Eskimo culture. She work kuspuks, sampled a bit of Yup'ik dancing, and even spoke the Eskimo Yup'ik language. "It made me feel really proud that I could be on there and be myself and be proud of my culture," Kurtz said. "That's amazing."

As far as what she will she do with the money, she intends to buy a new car that is safe and dependable with four-wheel drive. She will also set aside money so her boys can play sports and go to college. And she will pay her bills. "... I've got debt to way up here," Kurtz said. "I want to pay my debt, and start a life with good credit."

For more on Northern Eskimo culture, see Eskimo art.

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