Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Northwest Coast Native American Art Gallery Packing Today

Northwest Coast Native American art gallery Free Spirit Gallery is packing today and all of its artwork will be going into storage and then in transit to its new home in Mississauga, Ontario near Toronto. Customers can still browse and enjoy the new Free Spirit Gallery website during this relocation period. Customers can even put orders for artwork in and are even encouraged to do so since each order has date/time stamps on them. The first orders received will be the ones that will secure each piece of artwork in case two or more people order the same piece.

We will still be checking our e-mail on a regular basis perhaps every other day so we will still have access to our orders. Orders coming in from now to the end of next week will not be processed until the weekend of July 14 with the first shipments going out again on July 16. But again, if you spot a piece of either Northwest Coast Native American art or Inuit art, don't hesitate to order it because the first who orders it will secure the piece.

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