Friday, August 31, 2007

Native Tribal Masks

Another new article at the Free Spirit Gallery website is one that shows some interesting Northwest Native Tribal masks that were part of the collection at the Museum of Civilization near Ottawa in Canada. These particular tribal masks look more simple but bulkier than the usual masks we see produced from the Northwest. These masks must have been pretty hard to work with for Native Tribal performers. Check them out at this Northwest Native Tribal Masks article.

Free Spirit Gallery currently has some awesome masks carved by Cody Mathias.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Native Indian Canoes With Art

When I was at the Museum of Civilization up near Ottawa, Canada, they had two huge Haida canoes that were decorated with very impressive and detailed Northwest Native Indian artwork. I took both still photos and video footage of these canoes. So far, I have the photos in the new Art in Native Canoes article at the Free Spirit Gallery website. Take a look. I'll have the video ready in a few weeks.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

History Kachina Doll

A additional webpage on the history of the Kachina doll has been added to the Free Spirit Gallery website. It describes how the Kachina dolls originated and what they represent for the Southwest Native Indian tribes including Navajo, Hopi and Zuni.

This page is to supplement the webpage we already have which identifies good sources of Kachina dolls online.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Free Spirit Gallery Now Recommends Sources For Kachina Dolls

Although Free Spirit Gallery doesn't carry Indian kachina dolls, we have identified two good sources online for them. Both deal with high quality kachina dolls normally found at high end native art galleries.

One source has both Navajo and Hopi kachinas while the other has Navajo. For more details, see our webpage on Indian Kachina Dolls. We will put up a background information page on Indian kachina dolls soon.

kachina dolls navajo hopi indian

Monday, August 27, 2007

Northwest Coast Native Art Carver Cody Mathias and Custom Work

We are currently negotiating with Northwest Coast Native art carver Cody Mathias for another custom piece on behalf of a customer. Although Cody generally carves the traditional way leaving in the carves on the surface of his pieces, he is able to do carvings with a sanded smooth finish as well which is what he will be doing with this custom piece if the project goes through.

Cody is probaby our most accessible carver for custom artwork at the moment. We have used other master carvers in the past such as Peter Charlie and Gary Baker. However, Peter is extremely difficult to get in touch with as he doesn't own a telephone and Gary seems to be busy with other projects.

Another master carver who has done beautiful artwork for us is Paul Joseph but unfortunately, he seems to have left the world of art for another career.

Therefore, for any custom Northwest Coast Native art, Free Spirit Gallery highly recommends Cody Mathias as the first choice carver for both his master work as well as his accessibility.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Only One Inuit Inukshuk Left In Gallery

There's only one Inuit inukshuk sculpture left in the gallery and it's a beauty. This last inukshuk is of a classic design with a nice green stone. So if you had your eye on our inukshuks, get to our gallery page now to see this last piece. Remember, there is only one of a kind for this piece and once it's sold, it's gone.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Northwest Coast Native American Art Videos Coming

I'm working on editing the video footage I took during my trip to the Museum of Civilization and looks like September will be a really good month for both video clips of vintage Northwest Coast Native American art and Inuit art from the museum's collections. I will create special webpages for each video much like I did for existing ones already on the Free Spirit Gallery website.

In order to get alerts for the first announcements of these videos, make sure that you are on the monthly newsletter list by filling up the box at the top right of this blog. September's newsletter should be coming out early in the month.

Of course, more recent contemporary Northwest Coast Native American art and Inuit art are available at Free Spirit Gallery.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sold Out Of Northwest Native American Art Carvings Of Bears

We are currently sold out of Northwest Native American art carvings of bears. We still have nice Northwest Native American art carvings of birds, salmon fish and killer whales.

Of course, we also have Inuit polar bears.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Northwest American Indian Art Painting Shipped To Germany

The grizzly bear Northwest American Indian art painting that we had for so long at our Free Spirit Gallery website was successfully shipped and delivered to our happy customer in Germany. Although our overseas customers do have to pay for shipping, it is a lower rate than usual since we subsidize some of the costs.

They also get two choices for overseas international shipping, usually one that takes 4 to 8 weeks and a higher cost option that takes 4 to 8 business days. This particular customer was willing to pay for the 4 to 8 business day option and it still saved him money compared to if he bought an original painting like this at a street retail gallery in Vancouver.

At present, there is only one Northwest American Indian art painting left and it is also of a bear. It is a beauty too so check it out.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eskimo Art Newsletter To Be Sent Out Sunday Night

For those who confirmed their agreement to be switched over from our old system to our new delivery system for our monthy Eskimo art newsletter, the August newsletter will be sent out again sometime on Sunday night. People who confirmed before last week already received their copies.

If you haven't confirmed yet, you will have to do so in order to keep receiving our free newsletters which alert you to new information articles, videos and artwork in both Eskimo art and Northwest Indian art.

If you haven't signed up yet, you can simply do so through the sign up box at the top right of this blog.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Native American Indian Art Newsletter

We have added a link to our Privacy Policy at the sign up box for our free Native American Indian art newsletter which comes out once per month. This newsletter alerts you to new info articles, videos and Native American Indian artwork.

Subscribers get access to two free ebooks on Native American Indian art and Eskimo art. You can view our Privacy Policy statement and sign up at the box located on the top left of this blog. We believe that it is important for us to be upfront with our Privacy Policy to assure everyone that their e-mail addresses will not be shared or sold to any third parties.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Polar Bear Facts

One of the Hyatt Regency hotels up here in Canada needed a special gift for a departing executive who was returning to the United States, his home country. They called me for a suitable corporate gift that is uniquely Canadian. I suggested that the best ambassador of Canada is on the webpage they were already looking at which was the polar bear Inuit sculptures at Free Spirit Gallery. The polar bear is strong, brave and majestic. We also have a special webpage dedicated on polar bear facts for those of you who want to know more about this ruler of the north.

Hyatt did order one of our polar bears and I'm pretty sure that the lucky recipient of it will be extremely delighted.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Northwest Native American Art Prints Can Go Anytime

One of the most popular webpages visited at the Free Spirit Gallery site is the one with our Northwest Native American art prints and paintings. This would suggest that a lot of people out there like to browse at our Northwest prints.

One thing I must emphasize here is that if you like a particular art print, you should definitely not hesitate to order it. Don't adopt the attitude that by the time you are ready to buy, it will still be there.

In the case of the Grizzly Bear original painting by Aaron Joseph that has been sitting patiently there at our gallery for a buyer, it was suddenly snapped up over the weekend by a lucky individual in Germany. So if you had your eye on that piece of artwork for some time, it's gone. You can still see it at our Northwest Native American Art Prints video but the chances of ever having that piece hanging on your wall is forever lost.

This is the same with any other of our one of a kind artwork. There are no duplicates in the world of original unique artwork. Once they are sold, they are gone. So please avoid disappointment. If you have your eye on a certain piece, whether an Inuit sculpture, an Northwest Native American art carving, an Inuit art print or a Northwest Native American art print, go ahead and order it without delay in order to secure it. Don't gamble with your time when buying original artwork.

Online Native American Art Gallery Also Takes PayPal

Online Native American art gallery Free Spirit, also accepts PayPal in addition to credit cards. Previous customers have paid using PayPal. Due to our recent relocation, we are just confirming with our shopping cart vendor that changes to our PayPal account have been made.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Recent Subscribers To Native Art Gallery Newsletter

Recent subscribers to our Native Art gallery newsletter may have to confirm their request to receive the monthly issues from Free Spirit Gallery via a special e-mail that they might receive.

Since Free Spirit Gallery is using a new system for deliver, subscribers who signed on before August 13 were still on the older system. These individuals will be getting the confirmation e-mail and the link must be clicked in order to confirm for future issues of our newsletter. Once confirmation is verified, the August newsletter will be sent out to them.

New subscribers this past week are already on the new system and will not require the confirmation e-mail. The August newsletter will be sent out to these people later this weekend.

Check out our gallery website for new Native art from both the Arctic north and the Pacific Northwest regions.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Customers Must Confirm Access to Native American Art Newletter

Just to clarify something about the free monthly Native American art newsletter. Customers of Free Spirit Gallery have previously been receiving the free monthly newsletter but because we are moving to a new delivery system, those who wish to continue receiving our newsletters in the future after this month must confirm.

All of our existing customers are being sent the August Native American art newsletter via our old system this month and will get a follow up message requesting confirmation for future newsletters delivered through our new system. If you don't confirm access, no future newsletters will be sent to you. Our free newsletters alert you to the latest info articles, videos and Native American art each month.

If you miss the confirmation notice, you can also sign up again at the box in the top right of this blog page.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Northwest Native Indian Art Also Covered in Newsletters

What I failed to mention yesterday is that of course our monthly newsletters from Free Spirit Gallery will also feature content about Northwest Native Indian art asl well. I will try to have content for both lovers of Northwest Native Indian art and Inuit art each month. For new subscribers, I will send out the August newsletter sometime this weekend so if you haven't already, do sign up. You can sign up at the form box at the top right of this blog page.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Inuit Art Monthly Newsletter On New System

Free Spirit Gallery's monthly newsletter on Inuit art is moving to a new delivery system. This requires confirmation from existing subscribers. For new subscribers, simply use the box at the end of this post or the one at the top right of this blog anytime. This newsletter alerts you to new info articles, videos and artwork. New subscribers also receive two ebooks on Inuit and Native art.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Northwest Coast Native American Art Also Arrived Safely

Just to let everyone know that the Northwest Coast Native American art from our inventory also arrived safely to our new gallery home in Toronto. So all artwork currently on our Free Spirit Gallery website is available without any damage from our relocation. What a relief!

Inuit Art Sculptures Arrived At Toronto Gallery Okay

I finally unpacked all the Inuit art sculptures this past weekend. Since we were involved in renovations since moving to the Toronto area from Montreal two weeks ago, it was only now that we finally checked out precious inventory of artwork.

All Inuit sculptures and Inuit art prints that were moved from our Montreal location arrived in Toronto intact. So all of the Inuit art that is currently displaying at our gallery website is in stock with no damage from the transit.

Check them out at links above.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Inuit Music Songs

I was asked a question the other day via e-mail from someone who does a blog on world cultures. She said that she has an Inuit song but would love to get a translation of it. I e-mailed her to advise her that she can contact the Inuit Art Foundation in Ottawa since they have Inuit on staff.

For more information on Inuit music songs, see Inuit Throatsinging.