Monday, August 27, 2007

Northwest Coast Native Art Carver Cody Mathias and Custom Work

We are currently negotiating with Northwest Coast Native art carver Cody Mathias for another custom piece on behalf of a customer. Although Cody generally carves the traditional way leaving in the carves on the surface of his pieces, he is able to do carvings with a sanded smooth finish as well which is what he will be doing with this custom piece if the project goes through.

Cody is probaby our most accessible carver for custom artwork at the moment. We have used other master carvers in the past such as Peter Charlie and Gary Baker. However, Peter is extremely difficult to get in touch with as he doesn't own a telephone and Gary seems to be busy with other projects.

Another master carver who has done beautiful artwork for us is Paul Joseph but unfortunately, he seems to have left the world of art for another career.

Therefore, for any custom Northwest Coast Native art, Free Spirit Gallery highly recommends Cody Mathias as the first choice carver for both his master work as well as his accessibility.

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