Monday, August 13, 2007

Northwest Native American Art Prints Can Go Anytime

One of the most popular webpages visited at the Free Spirit Gallery site is the one with our Northwest Native American art prints and paintings. This would suggest that a lot of people out there like to browse at our Northwest prints.

One thing I must emphasize here is that if you like a particular art print, you should definitely not hesitate to order it. Don't adopt the attitude that by the time you are ready to buy, it will still be there.

In the case of the Grizzly Bear original painting by Aaron Joseph that has been sitting patiently there at our gallery for a buyer, it was suddenly snapped up over the weekend by a lucky individual in Germany. So if you had your eye on that piece of artwork for some time, it's gone. You can still see it at our Northwest Native American Art Prints video but the chances of ever having that piece hanging on your wall is forever lost.

This is the same with any other of our one of a kind artwork. There are no duplicates in the world of original unique artwork. Once they are sold, they are gone. So please avoid disappointment. If you have your eye on a certain piece, whether an Inuit sculpture, an Northwest Native American art carving, an Inuit art print or a Northwest Native American art print, go ahead and order it without delay in order to secure it. Don't gamble with your time when buying original artwork.

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