Friday, September 21, 2007

Develop Public Speaking and Communications Skills at Mississauga Toastmasters Club Toronto

Free Spirit Gallery owner Clint Leung is a member of Toastmasters, the international non-profit organization for public speaking skills. He was able to do his Inuit art and Native art video because of the skills he learned at Toastmasters.

Now that the gallery is located in Mississauga, Clint continues to be involved with local Toastmasters clubs. One of the clubs that he recommends is Comfortably Speaking Toastmasters which meets twice per month on Saturday mornings. Clint claims that this is the idea club to learn public speaking and communications skills in Mississauga if people are too busy during the work week.

There are many clubs in the area but Comfortably Speaking is the only Saturday Mississauga Toastmasters club (not including another club for advanced level members only). The club is close to Toronto as there are members coming from the Toronto area since Saturday morning is an easy drive.

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