Monday, September 24, 2007

Exchange Rates Will Affect Native American Art Gallery Prices

As you may already know, this is the first time in 30 years that the US and Canadian dollars are near par value. This will definitely impact the pricing of artwork at Free Spirit Gallery. All US prices will have to be adjusted slightly higher towards the Canadian price equivalents.

However, I will offer a 'grace' period as pricing changes will NOT take place until OCTOBER 1, 2007.

For US and internationally based customers, ordering artwork between NOW and until SEPTEMBER 30 will result in attractive savings. To see how much savings you could lock in, just check out any individual art piece at the gallery and see the difference between the US and Canadian prices.

Since the US prices will be adjusted upwards towards the Canadian prices, the difference currently between them will be the possible savings you could lock in if you order an item by SEPTEMBER 30.

For Canadian customers, we will offer the SAME type of possible savings. All you have to do is order with the US price (or add a note to indicate that you are taking advantage of this exchange rate offer) and we will manually adjust to convert to Canadian funds at par value. Applicable taxes will be added of course.

So to recap, the grace period before prices become adjusted to reflect current exchange rates is now until SEPTEMBER 30, 2007. We will change the prices for all artwork at the gallery website on OCTOBER 1, 2007.

So you may very well want to take advantage of these exchange rate savings, particularly for the higher end pieces. Go to our Inuit art gallery and Native American art gallery to start browsing now.

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