Wednesday, September 05, 2007

National Geographic TV Special On Inuit Hunters

I saw an absolutely wonderful National Geographic TV special last night on Inuit hunters. It featured an anthropologist who went up north to Nunavut to go on some hunting trips with some Inuit hunters. These hunters, who used snowmobiles as part of their equipment, explained the changes they observe with the climate over recent years and how it affects them. They also talked about how settling into communities also affected their people who used to be nomadic.

One of these hunters then went up with the anthropologist to a town in Greenland to go on their hunts. It was interesting to see that the hunters from this town in Greenland refuse to use snowmobiles and continued to use dog sled teams reducing the need for gasoline (and money required to buy gas).

I think the title of this one hour special is something like 'Hunters of the Ice' but if you ever see it on your TV listings, definitely check it out as it is very worthwhile and educational.

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