Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bizzare Dream Involving Polar Bears

Most of the time, we usually don't remember our dreams at night but I experienced one last night that I actually still vividly remember, at least long enough to make it to this blog. I was up in the Arctic north and rented a personal hovercraft. Of course there's no such thing but then again, this was just a dream. It was much like one of those sea doos but was a hovercraft since it rode on air.

I was buzzing around the Arctic tundra and then noticed some polar bears sleeping around some stone formations. I woke them up with the noise of my craft and they started to give chase. They couldn't keep up with me but were still quite persistent as they didn't give up. I drove right into a multifloor building where other people were. The polar bears continued to come and somehow entered the building.

The people in the building all ran upstairs to the higher floors. Somehow the polar bears were prevented from going up the stairs for the time being because of some steel fence that came down to block the entrance of the stairway to the second floor - again, this was just a dream.

For some reason I don't remember, I came down and was able to communicate with one of the polar bears, a young male that was equivalent to a human teen. I was the only person who was able to talk to this one polar bear for some reason.

We started talking about all sorts of things and then the subject came to music. He had a hairstyle that was a bit different from the other polar bears and I commented that he looked a bit like the rock star Eddie Van Halen. I showed him an album with Van Halen's photo and he was quite pleased. I happened to have a music player there and played part of a Van Halen song for this polar bear. He was really getting into it.

I knew that the safety of all the people in the building now rested on how successful I got through to this teen polar bear The other polar bears, both older adults and younger cubs were all watching as were the rest of the people still trapped upstairs. Somehow I knew that depending on the friendship I created with this teen polar bear, he was in a position to influence the other polar bears to make peace with the humans.

Unfortunately, this was the moment when I woke up from my dream. So I wasn't able to experience any type of ending to my bizzare dream involving polar bears.


Adrian said...

Anything involving Van Halen has to be good :-) I never really remember my dreams...not for more than 5 minutes after waking up, anyhow...funny how memory works, eh?

Mr. Natural said...

I just wandered into your blog while attempting to do some research on a killer whale print I have. I enjoyed reading about your dream. I am retired now, but years ago worked on tugs up North. One year on the way back to Seattle from Barrow and points North the Aurora was out every single night. During the trip I had a dream as clear and real as can be in which Coyote came to me. It is a long story, but since then I have known that the animals have power and communicate...

Joe Truck