Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Custom Canadian Native Indian Art Carving

Master carver Cody Mathias recently completed a new custom Canadian Native Indian art carving that was specially commissioned for a customer. As with all custom projects, it is gallery policy that the piece is sent to me for inspection before shipping it out to the customer.

So I just received this wonderful piece from Cody yesterday and it is a stunning bald eagle holding a salmon as specified by the customer. It is a nice sized Native Indian carving measuring 26 inches by 16 inches.

After taking some photos, the carving was immediately shipped out to our customer in Alberta. These projects tend to take some time but the wait will definitely be worth it for our customer. For more information on such special projects, see our Custom Northwest Canadian Native Indian Art. Cody's piece is pictured on page 2 of our custom Native Indian carvings.

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