Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October Native Art Gallery Newsletter

This is going to be another GREAT month for new videos as the second set of clips from my visit to the Museum of Civilization is now online.

First, there was a stunning large sculpture of an Inuit family that I managed to get a 360 degree walk around with. The two large Haida canoes decorated with Northwest Indian art designs featured in last month's still image article are now on video. I was quite intrigued with a giant beaver and of course there is additional footage of the museum's large mask collection. All of these were captured in the following clips.

Large Inuit Family Sculpture
Northwest Indian Masks
Giant Northwest Native Beaver
Haida Canoes with Northwest Indian Artwork

I did a new article showing one of the most interesting totem poles I've seen since it also acts as a ceremonial entrance to a Northwest Native house. This article shows the totem pole with both full views and close ups of the designs.

Animal Totem Pole at Museum of Civilization

A new article on information about Southwest Native Indian Kachina Dolls is at Kachina Doll Facts and it has a link to a Kachina dictionary as well.

I noticed some new 2008 calendars featuring Inuit art, Native Indian art, Native American culture and wildlife are now available. We don't sell them but they can be seen at;

Inuit Art and Arctic Calendars
Native American Culture and Wildlife Calendars

New Inuit carvings have been added in the polar bears, inukshuk and walrus sections - check them out at our Inuit Carvings

Finally, I'm also expecting long awaited new Northwest Native artwork by master carver Paul Joseph to arrive sometime this month. When that happens, I'll make an announcement of their arrival.

Free Spirit Gallery

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