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September Native Art Gallery Newsletter

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September 2007

This is going to be a great month for new videos! During my visit to the Museum of Civilization, I took a lot of photos but unfortunately many did not come out very clear so they were not useable.

However, the video footage I took turned out pretty good so starting this month, I will be releasing several new clips featuring both Northwest Native art and Inuit art.

As a complement to last month's article on Bill Reid's Spirit of Haida Gwaii, you can now see this masterpiece on video as I walked around the entire sculpture with my camcorder.

There's also a clip showing a few large masks from the museum that must have been a real chore to move around in. For Inuit art, I captured some wonderful vintage sculptures from the mid 1950s to mid 1960s with both family and hunting themes.

Spirit of Haida Gwaii Sculpture

Northwest Native Indian Masks at Museum of Civilization

Vintage Inuit Art - Family Themes

Vintage Inuit Art - Hunting Themes

For website articles with still images, there's one on masks and one showing artwork on Haida canoes.

Northwest Native Tribal Masks at Museum of Civilization

Art on Native Indian Canoes

Although Free Spirit Gallery doesn't deal with Southwest Indian art, we have identified two good sources of Kachina dolls online. If you happen to be a fan of high end Navajo and Hopi Kachina dolls, see more details at Kachina Dolls page.

Finally, just a shopping suggestion. Many visitors tend to browse at our Northwest Native Indian prints/paintings and masks, our most heavily visited webpages. We don't have a lot of pieces in these categories but one original painting of a grizzly bear was suddenly snapped up by a customer in Germany.

If you ever have your eye on a certain piece, it's highly recommended to order it before someone else does. These are one of a kind pieces with NO other duplicates. Once a piece is sold, it is GONE. If you no longer see a piece at the gallery that was there during your previous visit, it means that it was sold. Avoid disappointment and secure your treasure if you really like a certain piece of artwork here.

Don't forget that I do have a blog that I post to several times per week. Feel free to post your own comments to my posts. Until next month when I release the second batch of videos.

Clint Leung

Free Spirit Gallery
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