Saturday, October 13, 2007

Spiritual Writings About Native Indian Art

Author Donna Lynn recently launched her new book entitled "Dial Love" which is described as God's planetary guide for attaining happiness through spiritual fulfillment. In it, she includes some of her spiritual writings about Native Indian art. Here is an example;

"How about showcasing their gifts and talents closer to home? Their sacred values and uniqueness make all their treasures invaluable. We have to travel far and wide to appreciate their offerings. Look at the love, creativity and time spent on these beautiful tokens they create. All hand-crafted, beautiful wares made from the Earth. I like the fact that they do not harm my planet in the process of their talents. This is them giving from the hearts, my love, my gifts to you. Cherish these artifacts and creations of love, as I made them myself. Display these in your home and feel the loving powers of the Earth. These energies balance yours. The magic is truly alive in their hearts and their traditions I admire."

For more information on this Donna's book, see

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