Friday, November 30, 2007

Nice Size Polar Bear Inuit Carving at Decent Price

Here's a really nice size polar bear Inuit carving at a really decent price. It is 8 inches in length and weighs a solid three pounds. You would think that such a polar bear carving would go for $500 to $750 range but go to its webpage to see more details as well as the attractive price. Click on the image below to get there. Would make a great Christmas gift.

polar bear inuit carvings

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Paul Joseph Pacific Northwest Native Art Bird Carvings

One of Paul Joseph's specialities is his magnificent spread wing Pacific Northwest Native art bird carvings. As one can see in the example below of a bald eagle, his bird carvings are just awesome works of art that will be a centerpiece for any wall. Paul carves eagles, ravens and thunderbirds with spread wings. There are several of them that came in with his latest shipment of artwork for Free Spirit Gallery. See these at Pacific Northwest Native art bird carvings.

pacific northwest native art bird carvings eagle

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Paul Joseph First Nations Aboriginal Carving Sold

Those Paul Joseph carvings are certainly getting a lot of attention and I have a feeling that when the December newsletter gets sent out early next week, there will be even more attention to his recent artwork. One of this bear carvings just got sold yesterday leaving only one more bear left in our First Nations aboriginal art carvings section.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Northwest Native Indian Art Beaver Carving Sold Quickly

Looks like the Northwest Native Indian art beaver carving by Paul Joseph got a lot of attention and it was quickly sold to one of our customers in California. In fact, there were multiple orders that came in for that piece and we unfortunately had to give it to the first person who came through with an order.

This is proof that it is beneficial to be on our monthly newsletter mailing list as not only do we send out our informative newsletter each month, but if there are new arrivals of artwork as in the case of Paul Joseph's shipment, you will be among the first to be alerted. Since these pieces are original one of a kind artwork, usually the first people who know about them will be the lucky purchasers. You don't want to miss out on any great collecting opportunities for both Northwest Native Indian art and Inuit art like with the case of this beaver carving so do make sure that you are on our list by signing up at the top right of this blog. Of course, you will also get access to our free native art ebooks too.

Monday, November 26, 2007

New 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Art Calendar

Among the new 2008 calendars I saw available at, there is a new one with Canadian Aboriginal art with what looks like to be one of Norval Morrisseau's artworks on the cover. It's the first calendar on our new 2008 Native Art Calendars page.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rare Northwest Native Canadian Aboriginal Art Beaver

One of the carvings that arrived with Paul Joseph's shipment was a rare Northwest Native Canadian Aboriginal beaver carving that he did. Beavers are not a common subject in Native Canadian Aboriginal art but Paul did a wonderful job is carving one. It's tail is certainly one of the signs of the beaver. For more details of this carvings, see Native Canadian Aboriginal Art Beaver.

northwest native canadian aboriginal art beaver carving

Friday, November 23, 2007

New Northwest Native American Bear Carvings

We finally have some new Northwest Native American bear carvings. These were carved by master carver Paul Joseph. These bear carvings were done with beautiful detail. Take a look at them at our Northwest Native American Art Bear Carvings section.

northwest native american art bear carvings

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Northwest Native American Art Arrived Safely

I almost had to write off an entire shipment of new Paul Joseph Northwest Native American art carvings this week after one heck of a 24 hour scare. FedEx was scheduled to deliver the shipment to me on Tuesday. I had an appointment at noon so had to leave for about two hours. I posted a note on our front door mentioning that FedEx could simpy leave the box on our porch since this is a very safe neighbourhood.

Then when I got home, I checked the FedEx website and they indicated that my package was delivered while I was gone. Well, there was no box on my porch. So I had thought that somebody actually stole it soon after FedEx dropped it off. My heart just sank as Free Spirit Gallery has been waiting for these carvings from Paul ever since February (another story about that soon). I called FedEx and they claimed that the package was delivered but will investigate further.

The next day, I had another noon hour appointment. There was no callback from FedEx yet so I was prepared to deal with the loss. When I came back from my appointment, there was a large box waiting for me on my porch. Some relief but not completely yet since Paul Joseph's carvings tend to be on the fragile side.

I opened the package and unpacked all the Northwest Native American art carvings and it turned out that all were accounted for and undamaged. Now I was completely relieved! I hope to start getting a few of these beautiful Native carvings on the gallery website by the weekend.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November Native Art Gallery Newsletter

Before I get to this month's new videos and articles, I just want
to mention that we are now heading into the busiest shopping season
of the year and if you are shopping for gifts, NOW is the time to
do it while there is still a nice stock selection. But even more
important is the DELIVERY TIME required as you want to secure items
well ahead of the mad rush in December.

AVOID disappointment with possible late shipping by shopping for
any artwork NOW. You can start browsing at our Native art gallery.

One of the master carvers we work with, Cody Mathias, just
completed a custom designed piece for one of our customers and it
is a stunning bald eagle holding a salmon. See it at custom Northwestern Native art.

Here are the new videos online for this month which feature more
treasures from the Museum of Civilization;

Animal Totem Pole

Haida Argillite Aboriginal Carvings

Northwest Native Museum Artifacts

Norval Morrisseau Artwork

New articles with still images include one on native longhouses and
one on the Vancouver Canucks logo which you can decide if it was
native inspired or not;

Northwest Native Longhouses

NHL Hockey Team Vancouver Canucks Logo (Native inspired?)

Navajo jewelry gemstones

I will be attending the Canadian Aboriginal Festival at the end of
this month in Toronto and plan to get lots of video footage as well
as photos. So you can bet that there will be more videos and
articles for the months to come.

Until next month and don't forget to do your shopping now before
the mad holiday rush,


Free Spirit Gallery

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Native Canadian Aboriginal Art To Arrive Today

As I can see on my FedEx page, the shipment of new Native Canadian Aboriginal art carvings by Paul Joseph should be arriving today. It will probably take 1-2 days to process them which involves taking photos and measurements. Then all the information and images will be uploaded to our aboriginal art gallery website where everyone can view the new pieces. Since this is a special occasion as we rarely get new pieces from Paul anymore, we will alert all of our monthly newsletter subscribers.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Another Testimonial From A Happy Inuit Art Gallery Customer

Here's another testimonial from a happy Inuit art gallery customer. This one is from Deborah Aikman who was the lucky person who purchsed the white stone dancing bear sculpture this week. She wrote;

"Thank you very much for delivering the dancing bear sculpture. It is so beautiful! I have a feeling that you will be receiving more orders in the future."

See more Inuit art gallery testimonials.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

White Stone Inuit Carvings

We are sold out of our last white stone Inuit carvings since a local customer here in Toronto purchased the white stone dancing bear carving this week. However, if you still want to get specifically a white stone Inuit carvings, see our partner at Gallery Canada.

Of course, we have many other color stone Inuit carvings at our online art gallery.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Paul Joseph Northwest Native Canadian Indian Art Carvings Coming

It was confirmed today that the long awaited Northwest Native Canadian Indian art carvings by master carver Paul Joseph are definitely on the way. I should be getting them sometime next week and they should be up at the gallery by month end. Stay tuned for this exciting news.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another Custom Pacific Coast Northwest Aboriginal Art Carving

We will be doing another Pacific Coast Northwest aboriginal art carving with master carver Cody Mathias once again as the commissioned artist. This time, it will be a raven carving approximately three feet wide. Of course, once he's finished with this project, we will post photos of it at the Free Spirit Gallery website.

Monday, November 12, 2007

More Female Salmon Carvings To Come

The female salmon Northwest Indian art carving by Gary Baker was sold today but we do have more in stock. We will add another female salmon carving to our online art gallery tomorrow. Both male and female versions of salmon fish will be available at Northwest Indian art salmon fish carvings.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Inuit Throat Singers Perform In Ireland

Inuit throat singers Lois Suluk Locke and Maria Illungiayok, both from Arviat, Nunavut up in the high Arctic Canada, recently performed this past summer at the Festival of World Cultures in Dublin, Ireland.

For more information on this interesting style of music, see Inuit Throat Singing.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rare White Stone Inuit Inukshuk Carving Sold

The rare white stone Inuit inukshuk carving we brought in was just sold today to a regular customer of ours. The only other white stone Inuit carving we have left in our gallery is a beautiful dancing polar bear.

There are still other nice inukshuk carvings at the gallery but no more in white stone.

Like I said many times, if you have your eyes on a particular Inuit carving, especially if it is rare, then it is highly advisable to order it if the price is right. I can't get duplicates or even promise getting something similar again.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Inuit vs Eskimo Terms

Sometimes we have to restate our policy on using the terms Inuit and Eskimo again since comments for some of our videos showed up at YouTube. Some people again are claiming that our use of the term Eskimo is not appropriate.

It is true that Canadian Inuit prefer no to be regarded as Eskimos but their counterparts in Alaska still freely use this term. Also, the official Canadian government Igloo tags still have Eskimo Art printed on them.

The reality is that our Inuit videos and Inuit art articles are aimed at a worldwide audience. Most people worldwide still do not know the term Inuit. Therefore, we use the terms Inuit and Eskimo interchangably when naming some of our videos as well as articles. This way, more people will find our videos and articles.

If we stuck to just the term Inuit, many people out there will never have found our videos and articles. The wonderful culture of the Inuit would perhaps not be exposed to them. So once we have our Inuit information articles and Arctic videos found through the use of the term Eskimo, our website's disclaimer statement at the bottom of our website art gallery home page will educate everyone on the Canadian term Inuit.

This is our firm policy on this issue.

Clint Leung, Free Spirit Gallery

Monday, November 05, 2007

Potlatch Article in Current Issue of Native Peoples Magazine

There is an excellent article about Northwest Native potlatch ceremonies in the current issue of Native Peoples magazine. Vintage photos of potlatches are featured as well. For more information on the history of this type of native ceremony, see the Northwest Native Potlatch article at Free Spirit Gallery.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Vancouver Canucks Orca Killer Whale Team Jersey

Just an update on our article about whether the Vancouver Canucks hockey team logo was inspired by Haida Native art or not. We've added links to,
an online source where you can actually get one of these team jerseys with the Vancouver Canucks orca killer whale. Or you can simply click on the graphic below for more information.

Next Custom Northwest Native American Art Project

Our next possible custom Northwest Native American art project is a large 36 inch raven carving. One of our customers is almost ready to commit to this project and looks like master carver Cody Mathias of Squamish Nation will be the chosen artist again. Cody will make some rough sketches for possible designs and I will run them by the client. Cody has been our most accessible carver recently and therefore is currently out top choice for custom Native American art projects at Free Spirit Gallery. We are always excited to be part of such custom special commissioned artwork.