Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Inuit vs Eskimo Terms

Sometimes we have to restate our policy on using the terms Inuit and Eskimo again since comments for some of our videos showed up at YouTube. Some people again are claiming that our use of the term Eskimo is not appropriate.

It is true that Canadian Inuit prefer no to be regarded as Eskimos but their counterparts in Alaska still freely use this term. Also, the official Canadian government Igloo tags still have Eskimo Art printed on them.

The reality is that our Inuit videos and Inuit art articles are aimed at a worldwide audience. Most people worldwide still do not know the term Inuit. Therefore, we use the terms Inuit and Eskimo interchangably when naming some of our videos as well as articles. This way, more people will find our videos and articles.

If we stuck to just the term Inuit, many people out there will never have found our videos and articles. The wonderful culture of the Inuit would perhaps not be exposed to them. So once we have our Inuit information articles and Arctic videos found through the use of the term Eskimo, our website's disclaimer statement at the bottom of our website art gallery home page will educate everyone on the Canadian term Inuit.

This is our firm policy on this issue.

Clint Leung, Free Spirit Gallery

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