Thursday, November 22, 2007

Northwest Native American Art Arrived Safely

I almost had to write off an entire shipment of new Paul Joseph Northwest Native American art carvings this week after one heck of a 24 hour scare. FedEx was scheduled to deliver the shipment to me on Tuesday. I had an appointment at noon so had to leave for about two hours. I posted a note on our front door mentioning that FedEx could simpy leave the box on our porch since this is a very safe neighbourhood.

Then when I got home, I checked the FedEx website and they indicated that my package was delivered while I was gone. Well, there was no box on my porch. So I had thought that somebody actually stole it soon after FedEx dropped it off. My heart just sank as Free Spirit Gallery has been waiting for these carvings from Paul ever since February (another story about that soon). I called FedEx and they claimed that the package was delivered but will investigate further.

The next day, I had another noon hour appointment. There was no callback from FedEx yet so I was prepared to deal with the loss. When I came back from my appointment, there was a large box waiting for me on my porch. Some relief but not completely yet since Paul Joseph's carvings tend to be on the fragile side.

I opened the package and unpacked all the Northwest Native American art carvings and it turned out that all were accounted for and undamaged. Now I was completely relieved! I hope to start getting a few of these beautiful Native carvings on the gallery website by the weekend.

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