Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November Native Art Gallery Newsletter

Before I get to this month's new videos and articles, I just want
to mention that we are now heading into the busiest shopping season
of the year and if you are shopping for gifts, NOW is the time to
do it while there is still a nice stock selection. But even more
important is the DELIVERY TIME required as you want to secure items
well ahead of the mad rush in December.

AVOID disappointment with possible late shipping by shopping for
any artwork NOW. You can start browsing at our Native art gallery.

One of the master carvers we work with, Cody Mathias, just
completed a custom designed piece for one of our customers and it
is a stunning bald eagle holding a salmon. See it at custom Northwestern Native art.

Here are the new videos online for this month which feature more
treasures from the Museum of Civilization;

Animal Totem Pole

Haida Argillite Aboriginal Carvings

Northwest Native Museum Artifacts

Norval Morrisseau Artwork

New articles with still images include one on native longhouses and
one on the Vancouver Canucks logo which you can decide if it was
native inspired or not;

Northwest Native Longhouses

NHL Hockey Team Vancouver Canucks Logo (Native inspired?)

Navajo jewelry gemstones

I will be attending the Canadian Aboriginal Festival at the end of
this month in Toronto and plan to get lots of video footage as well
as photos. So you can bet that there will be more videos and
articles for the months to come.

Until next month and don't forget to do your shopping now before
the mad holiday rush,


Free Spirit Gallery

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