Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Inuit Art and Native American Art Posters Prints Clearance Sale

There is a clearance sale at our recommended source for Inuit art and Native American art posters and prints. This sale is through until January 15, 2008 only. Apparently, prices could be up to 75% off so this clearance sales is definitely worth checking out. See Arctic Inuit Art Posters and Native American Indian Art Posters to see what is available.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Working on Canadian Aboriginal Festival Videos

I'm currently spending the holidays working on video clips from the Canadian Aboriginal Festival and I'll make sure that there will be 1-2 in time for the January gallery newsletter. There will also be my written article on the event with photos as well so if you are not on our monthly newsletter list yet, get your name on by entering your first name and e-mail address at the boxes located in the upper right of this blog page.

All subscribers to our free monthly gallery newsletters will be alerted on new articles, videos and artwork arrivals at the gallery. In addition, you will get access to our free highly acclaimed ebooks on Inuit art and Northwest Native Aboriginal art.

In the meantime, you can see back issues in our gallery newsletter archives.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Both Japanese and German Webpages of Native American Art Website Updated

Both our Japanese and German webpages of our Native American art website have been updated now. They use the same design as our English language main website. So if you have any friends who prefer to look at Japanese or German language websites, please refer them to our foreign language versions of our online gallery.

Our main English language website still has the most extensive collection of Native American art information articles and videos and there are links from each of our website versions to each other.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

イヌイットアート 北西アメリカ原住民アート

ようこそ Free Spirit Gallery(フリー・スピリット・ギャラリー)へ。 Free Spirit Gallery(フリー・スピリット・ギャラリー)では、カナダの北極地で雄大な北西アメリカ原住民アート から精妙なイヌイットアート エスキモーアートをご覧にいただくことができます。個々の作品は、信頼すべきオリジナル独創作品でギャラリー・クオリティーです


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Inuitkunst Indianische Kunst der Ureinwohner Kanada

Willkommen zur Free Spirit Gallery, auf der Sie außerordentliche Inuitkunst (Eskimokunst) aus dem arktischen Norden Kanadas und großartige nordwestliche indianische Kunst der Ureinwohner finden. Jedes Stück ist authentisch und original und hat Galeriequalität

Da wir ausschließlich eine Online-Galerie sind, können Sie unglaubliche 20 bis 50 Prozent der typischen Einzelhandelspreise dieser echten Kunst sparen. Besuchen Sie unsere Galerie, um zu sehen, was zur Zeit erhältlich ist.

See our German language website

Friday, December 21, 2007

Northwest Native Killer Whale Movie

For those of you who can get the Canadian CTV TV channel, there's an interesting movie tomorrow night (Saturday Dec 22) at 8 pm EST called Luna - Spirit of the Whale. This is about a group of Native people (I assume Northwest) who protect a stray killer whale. I missed it last time it was aired so I will definitely view it this time around.

Of course, being both a huge fan of Northwest Native art, especially their killer whales, and a scuba diver, I always appreciate a good whale movie!

Japanese Webpages For Native Art Gallery To Be Updated

Earlier this year, the entire English language online Native art gallery was updated from a previously black background to a now much brighter and easier to read one. During the summer, our German language webpages were updated with this same new design.

Our Japanese language webpages will be the last section to update. We will be taking the last week of December to complete this task. After New Year, the entire Free Spirit Gallery website will be moved over to the new design.

If you have German and Japanese speaking friends, please refer them to our foreign language webpages;

Native Art in German

Native Art in Japanese

Thursday, December 20, 2007

All Northwest Native American Indian Art Prints Sold Out

All Northwest Native American Indian art prints and paintings have been sold out. The last one which was an original painting of a bear painted by Northwest Native American Indian artist Aaron Joseph, was sold to a local buyer who needed a last minute gift for her boss at work.

We will probably not get anymore art prints anytime soon either but in the meantime, enjoy the video clip we have of Northwest Native American Indian art.

We do have some prints left in our Inuit Eskimo art prints section.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Inuit Art Native Indian Art in Oakville Burlington Hamilton

Free Spirit Gallery, an online art gallery specializing in Inuit art and Native Indian art, will delivery free of charge to customers in Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton. In most cases, delivery will be within 24 to 48 hours. Delivery of Inuit art and Native Indian art pieces is possible for both residential homes as well as company businesses located throughout the Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton area.

No More Enook Manomie Dancing Bears Inuit Sculptures

A customer called me the other day and asked if we had anymore dancing bears Inuit sculptures by Enook Manomie. He had heard that Enook had passed on this year so was interested in acquiring a piece at a reasonable price. We use to have a few Inuit sculptures carved by Enook and even had some cloth prints by him. But they were sold long before he had passed away.

Of course now that he's gone, his pieces will be up in demand. I had checked my contacts and nobody had anymore left by Enook which was not surprising. Any Enook Manomie pieces which are left out there will be at some of the street retail galleries where they will certainly be pricing them at top dollars.

We hope that some of Enook's apprentices or past carving students will take up the void that's been left, especially with the dancing bears Inuit sculptures. We currently have a few dancing bears in our Inuit polar bear sculptures section.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Shopping Delivery For Toronto GTA

For Toronto GTA customers who still need to do their Christmast shopping, Free Spirit Gallery can still do deliveries of both Inuit artwork and Native Canadian Aboriginal artwork each day this week including the weekend of December 22, 23 and even Christmas eve on December 24.

Just do your order online or call us and we will schedule you for quick delivery. To see what is currently available, see our online art gallery.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Lots of Interest for our Native Art eBooks From Britain

We have been getting a lot of interest for both of our free Native art ebooks from readers living in Britain lately. Our books on both Arctic Inuit art and Northwest Native Indian art seem to be very popular over there.

So for our readers overseas, it's great to have you onboard. Keep in mind that Free Spirit Gallery has quite a few happy and satisfied customers over in England and Scotland. Shipping artwork there has never been a problem either.

So we welcome all overseas readers interested in Native art to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter in order to get access to our free ebooks. Just subscribe at the box on the top right of this blog.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Last Few Canadian Aboriginal Art Salmon Fish Carvings

A lucky customer bought the last female salmon fish carving yesterday along with a male one. So now, we have three remaining salmon fish carvings by master carver Gary Baker left in the gallery and they are all nice males.

So for fish lovers and outdoor fishing sports enthusiasts, for a very unique representation of salmon, take a look at these wonderful Canadian Aboriginal art fish carvings. They are the last few we have in stock and all are one of a kind pieces.

canadian aboriginal art salmon fish carvings

Friday, December 14, 2007

Only One Week Left For Inuit Art Christmas Shopping

There's only one week left for Christmas shopping for Inuit art if you want your gifts to arrive in time for Christmas. Areas in the east coast and central regions of North America will likely get deliveries in time next week but west coast destinations will result in post Christmas deliveries by now. Of course, Inuit art will be pretty well next day delivery for Toronto GTA customers.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saltwater Tropical Fish Aquarium For Christmas?

As you know, the Native art world regularly draws from nature including the marine world. Fish carvings are made by Native artists as a common art subject.

Thinking of bring part of the real marine world into your home or somebody else's home by buying a saltwater tropical fish aquarium for Christmas? Well, that would be nice but you better get the right knowledge in order to ensure the health of the new precious tropical fish. Here is an excellent resource for Saltwater Tropical Fish Aquariums.

This scenario is almost like that of buying somebody a puppy for Christmas. You want to get the proper knowledge first since anytime you introduce a live animal to a household, there are certain responsibilities required. So if thinking about tropical fish, do the right thing by getting the facts first at Saltwater Tropical Fish Aquariums.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Free Fast Delivery of Inuit Native Art in Toronto GTA

Don't forget that for Toronto GTA customers, Free Spirit Gallery offers fast delivery of Inuit art and Native art without shipping charges. So for your Christmas shopping needs, you can often get your Inuit art and Native art gifts the next day. There is still time to arrange for deliveries direct to your home or office in time for Christmas. So see our Inuit art and Native art now for current selections.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Northwest Indian Art Salmon Fish Carving As Christmas Gift

One recent customer of Free Spirit Gallery will be giving a Northwest Indian art salmon fish carving to a friend as a Christmas gift. Here's what John Prunty of St. Louis, Missouri had to say;

"My salmon woodcarving arrived today. It's just beautiful. It was even nicer than I expected. This piece will be given to a dear friend who is a collector of Northwest Indian art. I know that she will appreciate it even more than I. Please let artist Gary Baker know how much his beautiful creation means to us. And thank you for your great service and excellent communication."

If Indian art or Eskimo art is on your Christmas shopping list, go to our online native art gallery. Depending on where you are located, it is still possible to get artwork shipped to you in time for Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2007

December Native Art Newsletter

One of my favorite artists is master carver Paul Joseph of the Squamish Nation in BC. Unfortunately, when times are tough for native artists, many of them have to take on full time jobs that take them away from their art.

Paul had to take a nightshift job this year as a security guard which resulted in a very long delay in getting new artwork from him.

We have been waiting since February and it took him this long to finally finish the carvings he promised us. Well, I finally got them in just two weeks ago but there was a scare. FedEx claimed that they delivered the package and left it on my porch when I stepped out for a few hours. When I returned, there was no box.

I thought that somebody stole the shipment but 24 hours later, the large box was sitting at my front door. FedEx had misdirected the shipment on delivery day. What a relief especially when all of the carvings arrived undamaged.

Paul is the only carver I know who is specializing in bird carvings with their wings majestically spread out. His new carvings can now be admired at the following sections of our gallery;

Native American Art Eagles & Other Birds

If you are interested in acquiring one of Paul's beautiful pieces, better hurry and secure your choice NOW because the last time I had any of his spread wing carvings was last year and they sold out very quickly. Due to his work schedule, I probably won't be getting anymore for quite some time.

Paul's bear carvings and a rare beaver carving was quickly sold so it definitely pays to be on this newsletter list in order to be among the first to know about
new arrivals.

Here are the new videos online for this month which feature some Native longhouses from the Museum of Civilization;

Northwest Native American Indian House

Northwest Native American Longhouse and Totem Pole

New articles with still images include one on large Northwest Native wall murals and one on Woodland Native art;

Northwest Native American Art Wall Murals

Woodland Native Art

Finally, if you are shopping for the holiday season, I would urge you to do it NOW in order to take delivery time into account. Don't be disappointed with late deliveries. If artwork is not in the budget, there are always new 2008 calendars that make nice gifts;

Native American Art and Related 2008 Calendars

Inuit Art and Arctic Related 2008 Calendars

Newsletters for early 2008 should feature video and articles from the Canadian Aboriginal Festival, the largest of its kind in Canada so stay tuned.

I wish you and your family a safe, wonderful holiday season,

Clint Leung

Free Spirit Gallery - Exquisite Inuit Eskimo Art & Northwest Native Art

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Marbled Murrelet Bird Carving Project

Master Native Aboriginal carver Cody Mathias will be doing another custom commissioned art project for us. This time, a customer has requested a Native Aboriginal carving of a relatively rare bird called marbled murrelet that is found in the west coast. It will be for her son's graduation gift.

I sent Cody some images of this marbled murrelet bird and he said that he should be able to come up with a really nice Northwest Native Aboriginal design for it. We can't wait to see the final result.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Order Native American Art Gifts In Time For Christmas

If Christmas shopping for Native American art gifts, you better get your orders in quickly. At this point, there is still enough time for shipping from out location in Toronto to all areas in North America but as each day goes by, this time frame will be tighter and tighter. I would strongly urge you to put any orders in by Monday December 10 in order to have the two weeks left for shipping time. Even better is to get the orders in during the weekend so we could start packing your Native American art to ship them out first thing Monday morning.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Native Art Painter Norval Morrisseau Dies At Age 75

On a sadder note, Native art painter Norval Morrisseau passed away at age 75. For those of you who do not know who he is, see the video of his Canadian Museum Civilization art or the article on Woodlands Native art.

The following is the announcement on CBC News;

Norval Morrisseau, one of Canada's foremost aboriginal artists and the founder of an entire art movement, has died.

The Ojibwa shaman and self-taught artist who grew up in northwestern Ontario passed away in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Toronto General Hospital after years of suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease. He was 75.

Known as one of the greatest painters ”native or otherwise” that Canada has ever produced, Morrisseau painted for more than 50 years and gained an international reputation as one of Canada's most original master artists.

In 1989, he had the distinction of being the lone Canadian painter invited to Paris's Museum of Modern Art for the "Magicians of the Earth" exhibition. The French dubbed him the "Picasso of the North."

A member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art since 1970, Morrisseau was known for taking traditional icons that had been expressed in his native culture in rock art and birch bark scrolls, then translating those images into the Western media of easel painting and printmaking.

He became celebrated as the founder of what became commonly called the Woodland style, or school of painting, giving way to a revitalization of Anishnabe iconography. His works, filled with striking colour, inspired generations of Canadian and American native artists as well as imitators, spawning an entire industry of fake reproductions.

In 1978, Morrisseau became a member of the Order of Canada. He also received honorary doctorates from Montreal's McGill University and McMaster University in Hamilton. The Assembly of First Nations presented him with its highest honour in 1995, a presentation of an eagle feather.

In his final months battling Parkinson's disease, the artist was confined to a wheelchair in a residence in Nanaimo, B.C. He was unable to paint due to his poor health.

"Norval Morrisseau's courageous and often controversial approach to his work was instrumental in encouraging First Nations people to know their spirituality, history and culture in order to better understand themselves," Assembly of First Nations National Chief Phil Fontaine said Tuesday in a statement.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Paul Joseph Northwest Indian Art Bear Carvings Sold Out

All Paul Joseph Northwest Indian art bear carvings have been sold out. We will not expect anymore of Paul's bears coming in anytime soon due to his non-art work schedule. We do have some of his fabulous Northwest Indian art bird carvings but they are starting to sell as well too so better hurray and check them out.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Canadian Aboriginal Festival

I attended the Canadian Aboriginal Festival, the largest of its kind in Canada on Sunday. It was my first time at this event which has been held at the Rogers Centre (Skydome) in Toronto for the last several years.

I got there for the Grand Entry of the native dance contestants and it was certainly a great spectacle to witness, much like the entry of athletes at Olympic games. It was great to see so much representation of different age groups and native bands from across North America.

Lots of video footage and photos were take so this will keep me busy. There will definitely be lots of new video clips and info articles to be added at our Native art website over the next few months. So stay tuned for announcements of additions to the website. The best way is to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter at the top right of this blog page.

I was very impressed with the dancers and the powerful drum music which accompanied each dance performance. I was less impressed with the quality and range of native artwork though. Most were bead work, dream catchers, low range jewelry and t-shirts on sale. The only Northwest Native representation was a single booth offering blankets. No Northwest Native artwork was present. There was one Inuit art booth with only a minimal number of small carvings available.

The traditional food was okay. I had a salad venison stew combo which was delicious. I also tried the buffalo burger but found the deep fried buns to be much too oily for my taste. At $7 per burger, the price was a bit steep too. This was the same price for the stew.

They had fashion shows there too but they were more contemporary and most of the action was still at the main dance areas. There were many other booths representing native groups and related businesses but I think these were of little interest to most attendees.

The Rogers Centre Skydome was a good indoor location for the event but given the relatively sparse attendance especially of non-natives, it might have been too large a venue as I would estimate that only 10 percent of stadium seats at most were ever occupied at any one time.

Would I go again? Sure, for the $10 ticket entry, the native dance and music performaces were certainly worth it.

Artwork at the event was disappointing but lots of great quality Native Aboriginal art is available at our gallery.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Coast Salish Canadian Aboriginal Art Salmon Fish Carving

A new Coast Salish Canadian Aboriginal art female salmon fish carving was just added today at the gallery to replace another one that was just sold. This is my last female salmon carving by Gary Baker in stock. So check out the details of this female salmon complete with her eggs and her male counterparts at Canadian Aboriginal Art Salmon Fish Carvings.

canadian aboriginal art salmon fish carvings

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Inuit Native Art Gallery Website Uses eCards

Many of you who are frequent visitors to our Inuit Native art gallery website at Free Spirit Gallery have probably noticed and even used out Tell a Friend facility to inform your friends online about our informative articles. However, we have decided to remove the Tell a Friend scripts from our website because they were resulting in misuse by spammers so instead, we are now encouraging the use of our wonderful Inuit Native art eCards to tell your friends about our website. We have 19 different eCards to choose from and they all feature beautiful artwork from the Arctic north or the Pacific northwest coast. Best of all, the use of our eCards is absolutely free. So go check them out if you haven't already done so.