Thursday, January 24, 2008

Appraisals For Valuing Older Native American Art

We sometimes get requests to help people in valuing their older pieces of Native American art. However, Free Spirit Gallery does not deal with older pieces and is not set up for appraisals. There is an article about valuing older Inuit art that will have the same types of recommendations for those who want to get appraisals for older Native American art. We suggest to all individuals who have older pieces to check out this article as well.

Again, we have to re-emphasize, we do NOT do appraisals for any artwork and will refer you back to the article mentioned. We are just a gallery with new contemporary pieces of Inuit art and Northwest Native American art.

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SHI Archivist said...

I recently stumbled across your blog today. You have some very interesting articles and I think you are doing a great work. Please let me know when you post on anything that would be of interest to my organization. Please look over my recently created blog focusing on Southeast Alaska and British Columbia Native culture, history, heritage, and language. I am the curator and archivist for the Sealaska Heritage Institute, Juneau, AK. Thanks, Zach Jones