Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walking Polar Bear Inuit Sculpture As Corporate Business Gift

One customer called during the weekend and was in need of a corporate business gift for a trip to Europe. She was to be flying out in two days. So she picked out a few potential pieces from our Inuit sculpture gallery and I brought them to an agreed meeting place downtown Toronto. I brought an Inuit inukshuk, a dancing bear and a walking polar bear sculpture.

It was decided that the walking polar bear Inuit sculpture would probably be the most suitable as a unique corporate business gift from Canada. It was thought that the dancing bears are aimed more towards serious collectors of Inuit art and the inukshuk is for a niche market as well since they are not well known. The walking polar bear on the other hand is classic.

So this customer purchased the walking polar bear on the spot and was no longer in a panic for a last minute corporate business gift.

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