Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Inuit Art Native American Art Gallery Newletter from January

For those of you who missed our January 2008 edition of our Inuit art Native American art gallery newsletter, here it is again.

Happy New Year!

As previously promised, the first clips from the video footage I took at the Canadian Aboriginal Festival in Toronto are now online. The first one shows parts of the magnificent Grand Entry of native dancers from all over North America.

The second clip shows a women dance competition called 'jingle dress' where the competitors wear special dresses fitted with metal pieces that make sounds during motion.

The third one is a short clip of the powerful pow wow drum music that accompanied the dancers. See these videos at;

Native Dancers Grand Entry

Native American Dance Competition (Jingle Dress Division)

Pow Wow Drum Music

There is also an article about my day at this festival complete with some photos.

Last month, I alerted newsletter subscribers to the arrival of some new Northwest Native carvings by master carver Paul Joseph. More than half of these new pieces have already been sold. There are only a few of Paul's awesome spread winged bird carvings left and once they are gone, I don't expect anymore for some time. So check out the remaining pieces at;

Eagles & Other Birds

Finally, to start your prosperous and healthy New Year right with a beautiful new 2008 calendar from our recommended source (again, since we do not carry them), check out;

Native Art and Related 2008 Calendars

Inuit Art and Arctic Related 2008 Calendars

Until next month when more videos from the Canadian Aboriginal Festival will be up,


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