Monday, March 31, 2008

Southwest Native American Jewelry Online

Of course one of the largest of all native art media is in the area of Native American jewelry, particularly from the southwest. This includes everything from rings, earrings, pendants to necklaces and more.

Free Spirit Gallery does not deal with native jewelry but recommends a few reputable sources online. See our webpage on Southwest Native American Jewelry for more details and info on this type of art media.

southwest native american art jewelry

Friday, March 28, 2008

Inuit Soapstone Sculptures Should Be Carry On Luggage

We advised a customer yesterday who wanted to bring some Inuit soapstone sculptures overseas as Canadian corporate gifts to bring them as carry on luggage if at all possible rather than check in baggage. Since Inuit soapstone sculptures are relatively fragile, you really don't want to risk having them in checked luggage.

Even as carry on baggage, each piece should be securely wrapped and if this holds up the airport security check lines, so be it. Better to have each soapstone sculpture arrive at your destination intact.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Northwest Native Sasquatch?

We may have an opportunity to do another custom Northwest Native art project. A customer has asked whether it's possible to do a native version carving of a sasquatch. Now this will be interesting. I'll see what some of my carvers have to say.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lots of Native American Indian Culture Videos

Our website now has lots of Native American Indian culture videos, enough to keep one busy and entertained for a long time. There's lots of Native dancing, music and artwork.

I'm still amazed that out of all our videos, the Cherokee War Dance for some strange reason gets the most attention. It's a great video alright but there are many more just as entertaining.

Check out the list of Native American Indian culture videos again and have fun watching.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Native American Indian Art Website Updated In German and Japanese

Our Native American Indian art website has been updated in our German and Japanese language versions. When we get new arrivals of artwork, they are usually added into our online art gallery very quickly. However, it normally takes a bit longer to get them added into our foreign language webpages.

But as of today, all of our current available art pieces (both Northwest Native American Indian art and Inuit art) are on all three language webpages, English, German and Japanese.

If you have friends who prefer to view webpages in either German or Japanese, just get them to go to our usual Native art gallery homepage and click on the either the link for the German or Japanese versions. A new window will open up for the foreign language homepage.

Although our foreign language webpages have a few of the Native art information articles translated, the vast majority of our articles and videos are just in English at the moment.

You can give our foreign language webpages a view also from the links below;

German version of Native Art Gallery webpages

Japanese version of Native Art Gallery webpages

Monday, March 24, 2008

Northwest Territories in Canadian Arctic Recycling Success

In the past two years, residents living in Canada's Northwest Territories have recycled 82% of all beverage cans and bottles sold which amounts to 387,774,000 pounds of aluminum and 578,000 pounds of plastic.

The Northwest Territories government has increased recycling depots from 8 centers to 24 centers which is a 300% increase. Local contractors are also used to collect containers from those without access to these depots.

The Northwest Territories are part of the Canadian Arctic region. For artwork from the north, see Canadian Arctic Art.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Replacements of Inuit Art Sculpture Pieces

One individual contacted us recently and wanted to know if it was possible to repair an old Inuit art sculpture that was missing a leg piece. In general, any expert who works with sculptures should be able to repair such pieces by making a replacement part and attaching it back to the original sculpture. This type of work does not have to be done by and Inuit artist either so any local expert will do.

Most general art galleries who deal with sculptures should be able to provide contacts of names of experts who can repair sculptures.

However, if one wants the replacement part to be matching the original stone, then that would be tough. The reason is the stone from most original Inuit art pieces are from the Arctic and therefore the piece would have to be shipped back to the location of origin to hopefully get a local Inuit carver to use local stone to match the original piece. Even this may not always be possible since the stone supply in the local Arctic region may have changed.

See the article on Different Types of Inuit Art Styles to read about different stone that is used in different parts of the Arctic.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stained Wood Look On Northwest Native Indian Carvings

Although most Northwest Native Indian carvings are painted in rich colors by the artists, some carvings are stained instead giving a more natural wood appearance. Some collectors of Native Indian art actually prefer this stained wood look.

One of the eagle carvings we currently have in our birds section at our Native Indian art gallery is an example of a stained finish carving. It is a bald eagle carvings by Darren Yelton of Squamish Nation, BC.

Click on the image below for more details of this wonderful piece.

eagle bird native indian carvings art

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Clothing Gear For Arctic Travel

Since we are coming to the tail end of the winter, there could be an increase in Arctic travel as vacation trips soon. Still, the Arctic requires appropriate clothing and gear. One of the best places to find the right supplies is at our article about Arctic Clothing Gear.

If you plan to stay away from the Arctic but are still interested in the artwork from the region, see Arctic Art.

面 北西原住民インディアンアート


面 北西原住民インディアンアート

見なさい Free Spirit Gallery 北西アメリカ原住民アート版画

面 北西原住民インディアンアート

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Southwest Native American Kachina Dolls

Although we don't carry Southwest Native American Kachina dolls, we sure appreciate them and their craftsmanship. For fans and collectors of Kachina dolls however, we do recommend certain reputable sources of authentic Kachinas. Click on the image below for further details on where we suggest you check out for Kachina dolls.

southwest native american kachina dolls kachinas

北極グマ イヌイット彫像やエスキモー彫刻


北極グマ イヌイット彫像やエスキモー彫刻

見なさい Free Spirit Gallery イヌイット彫像やエスキモー彫刻

北極グマ イヌイット彫像やエスキモー彫刻  北極グマ イヌイット彫像やエスキモー彫刻

Monday, March 17, 2008

Neu Kunst Schnitzereien der Amerikanischen Ureinwohner

Neu kunst schnitzereien der Amerikanischen Ureinwohner. Künstler Paul Joseph.

sehen Sie

kunst schnitzereien der Amerikanischen Ureinwohner

Neu Inuitskulpturen und Eskimoschnitzereien Eisbären Tanzender Bär

Neu Inuitskulpturen und Eskimoschnitzereien Eisbären Tanzender Bär, sehen Sie

Inuitskulpturen Eisbären

Inuitskulpturen Eskimoschnitzereien Eisbären Inuitskulpturen Eskimoschnitzereien Eisbären

Native American Indian Dream Catchers Are Very Affordable Artwork

Dream Catchers are very affordable Native American Indian artwork and one can always find places to put them whether in a house or even a car. If one doesn't feel like splurging big dollars on a Native American Indian painting, tribal mask or piece of pottery, one can always opt to acquire a nice dream catcher. Just make sure that it's an authentic one made by a Native American Indian artisan rather than some imitation made overseas.

We found one reliable source of authentic Native American Indian dream catchers.

native american indian dream catchers artwork dreamcatchers

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Only One Spread Winged Northwest Indian Art Carving Left

As some of you may know, master carver Paul Joseph sometimes carves these wonderful spread winged birds. These types of Northwest Indian art carvings are relatively rare and Free Spirit Gallery was very fortunate to get several of them in a few months ago.

Well, there's only one spread winged bird carving left at our Northwest Indian art bird carvings section. This is a nice spread winged thunderbird. Click on the image below for more details.

Once this one is sold, I don't believe we will be seeing anymore spread winged bird carvings from Paul for quite some time since he is busy working full time night shifts as a security guard. So you have been warned. If you have your eye on one of these spread winged carvings by Paul Joseph, there's only one left and I would suggest that you act fast.

northwest indian art carvings bird thunderbird spread winged

Friday, March 14, 2008

Online Shoppers Need To Enter Credit Card Info Accurately

When shopping online, customers need to be extra careful when entering credit card numbers and expiry dates. We have had a few cases where customers entered incorrect numbers as well as expiry dates resulting in declines in payment approvals. This will delay their orders.

For orders of one of a kind artwork where it's the first valid order that comes in who gets the piece, it's even more important to get all the information requested right the first time.

So please make sure that you double check all the information entered when ordering Inuit art and Native artwork at Free Spirit Gallery.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

African Tribal Masks Also Native Art

From an international point of view, African art is also a type of Native art. A big part of artwork from African are the African tribal masks. African tribal masks have become valuable collector items and although Free Spirit Gallery does not deal in African art, we have identified some good sources of these masks. Click on the image below to see our information on African Tribal Masks.

native art african tribal masks africa

Free Spirit Gallery does deal with Northwest Native Indian Tribal Masks.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Native Art Wild Man Legends

A question that came into Free Spirit Gallery this week from one of our visitors was about the Native wild man legend character. He was wondering if we ever came across a Native symbol for the wild man. Our response was that the only times we ever see the wild man so far is in the form of Northwest Native art masks.

There happens to be a Wild Man mask in our gallery right now. The legends of the wild man and also wild woman are in the Native Art Wild Man article.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Sources of African Dolls Made from Africa

For those of you who collect items and art from Africa, we have identified some sources of African dolls. This should interest doll collectors as well. African artisans make a variety of interesting looking dolls and to get a range of what they create, click on the image below.

africa african dolls art

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cape Dorset Inuit Dancing Polar Bear Carving

Here's a nice sized Inuit dancing polar bear carving by Moe Pootoogook of Cape Dorset. Moe is one of the most prolific Inuit carvers of dancing polar bears today. This dancing bear is 8 inches high. To see more details of this polar bear carving, click on the image below. To see all polar bears we have, see Inuit Polar Bear Carvings.

inuit carvings dancing polar bears

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Only One Northwest Native American Art Tribal Mask Left

The bear mask that has been in our gallery for awhile has been sold. The price was under $1,200 which is a real deal since a comparable mask would have been at least $2,500 at a street gallery. A more realistic price would probably have been $3,000 or more. There is only one Northwest Native American art tribal mask left in our online native art gallery and it's a wild man mask by Cody Mathias. Click on the image below to see further details of it. This one is priced less than $1,000.

northwest native american art tribal masks

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Dancing Bears from the Arctic North

Free Spirit Gallery Inuit Art has brought in two new dancing bears from the Arctic north. The first one is by well known Inuit carver and a specialist in dancing polar bear sculptures, Joanie Ragee of Cape Dorset. This is a great addition to our overall collection of polar bear Inuit sculptures. For more details of this particular dancing bear, click on the image below;

inuit art dancing polar bears arctic

Monday, March 03, 2008

Comment About Northwest Native Indian Art Carving

Here's what Linda Brooke of Alberta says about the custom designed Northwest Native Indian art carving she commissioned through us. The master carver we used was Cody Mathias of Squamish Nation, BC.

"Thank you so much for the Eagle and Salmon wall carving that was produced by Cody Mathias. The combination of his smooth and rough carving style, together with his selection of vivid colours, more that meet our expectations. Please pass along our gratitude to Cody."

It's always nice to receive comments such as this one and a nice addition to our growing collection of testimonials from our happy customers of our online art gallery.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dancing Walrus Inuit Sculpture

For a very unique Inuit sculpture, we have brought in a dancing walrus as part of our Inuit art new arrivals. And this one is a beauty! It's the same concept as with the dancing polar bears that some master Inuit carvers create but with a walrus instead. See this relatively rare type of Inuit sculpture in our walrus section of the gallery.

inuit art sculptures dancing walrus walruses