Tuesday, March 11, 2008

African Tribal Masks Also Native Art

From an international point of view, African art is also a type of Native art. A big part of artwork from African are the African tribal masks. African tribal masks have become valuable collector items and although Free Spirit Gallery does not deal in African art, we have identified some good sources of these masks. Click on the image below to see our information on African Tribal Masks.

native art african tribal masks africa

Free Spirit Gallery does deal with Northwest Native Indian Tribal Masks.


William & Susanne Waites said...

Hi Clint;

Thanks for including African art in your blog.

For the benefit of your readers, African art, as with most art, has many facets.

The two most apparent are what is called "authentic" or created for tribal use, by tribal members in the design traditions of the tribe represented.

The second is "decor" art, also known derisively as "airport art"

There is nothing wrong with the latter, if it is acquired exclusively for decorative purposes and the buyer knows that and doesn't pay an exorbitant price for it. (PS: It often isn't even African made but is created in the style of in other countries and supplied to sellers of "African art".

The former, however,is a true representation of the tribal culture and, while occasional finding its way to "market" by tribal owners who sell it for one reason or another, it has value as an item of historical, anthropological and/or antique authenticity.

Many online source offer the latter, some offer only "authentic" African tribal art. Others, including us, offer both, being certain to clearly identify each piece as to age and tribal relevance.

All up, however, thanks for bring this subject to the attention of your readers.

Arts said...

African Art has something very special about it. African art has not changed dramatically from the Stone Age till today and this shows in the traditional designs of every type of art, be it African masks, African fabrics, African musical instruments, African ladies Handbags, African carvings and in fact all manner of African art and crafts.