Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Native American Indian Art Website Updated In German and Japanese

Our Native American Indian art website has been updated in our German and Japanese language versions. When we get new arrivals of artwork, they are usually added into our online art gallery very quickly. However, it normally takes a bit longer to get them added into our foreign language webpages.

But as of today, all of our current available art pieces (both Northwest Native American Indian art and Inuit art) are on all three language webpages, English, German and Japanese.

If you have friends who prefer to view webpages in either German or Japanese, just get them to go to our usual Native art gallery homepage and click on the either the link for the German or Japanese versions. A new window will open up for the foreign language homepage.

Although our foreign language webpages have a few of the Native art information articles translated, the vast majority of our articles and videos are just in English at the moment.

You can give our foreign language webpages a view also from the links below;

German version of Native Art Gallery webpages

Japanese version of Native Art Gallery webpages

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