Sunday, March 23, 2008

Replacements of Inuit Art Sculpture Pieces

One individual contacted us recently and wanted to know if it was possible to repair an old Inuit art sculpture that was missing a leg piece. In general, any expert who works with sculptures should be able to repair such pieces by making a replacement part and attaching it back to the original sculpture. This type of work does not have to be done by and Inuit artist either so any local expert will do.

Most general art galleries who deal with sculptures should be able to provide contacts of names of experts who can repair sculptures.

However, if one wants the replacement part to be matching the original stone, then that would be tough. The reason is the stone from most original Inuit art pieces are from the Arctic and therefore the piece would have to be shipped back to the location of origin to hopefully get a local Inuit carver to use local stone to match the original piece. Even this may not always be possible since the stone supply in the local Arctic region may have changed.

See the article on Different Types of Inuit Art Styles to read about different stone that is used in different parts of the Arctic.

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