Thursday, April 03, 2008

Do You Collect Inukshuk Sculptures?

The Inuit inukshuk has been getting more well known and popular as an Inuit art subject. This is probably due to both the continuing growth of Inuit art as well as the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics which uses an Inuit inukshuk as a winter Olympic mascot.

If you collect inukshuk carvings, I have to bring to your attention again that special piece we have in our Inuit art gallery which is the inukshuk with seal piece. I've never come across anything like that before so this is definitely a rare find. The fact that it's available to any collector for under $200 is amazing.

For more details of this fascinating piece, click on the image below;

inuit art sculptures inukshuk carvings winter olympics mascot seals vancouver

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