Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pacific Northwest Native Culture Information

The Sealaska Heritage Institute have put together an informative educational series online on Pacific Northwest native culture, particularly, Tlingit culture. Details are at Tlingit Culture series.

Of course, we have a huge collection of Pacific Northwest Indian Art information and Native American Culture articles as well.


Waylon Summers said...

Excellent information...quite a bit to read through!

Here's a question, and maybe a future topic for seems that most pacific northwest artists have no desire to expand into places such as the
Midwest...although we have seen increased amounts of Northwestern work at places like the Heard Museum Show, it still seems that there is an obvious lack of interest in greater expansion...any ideas?

Clint said...

I've noticed it too. Most seem content to sell to the Vancouver area galleries. Most don't have the business know how to expand any further. I try to do my part as I'm often the only gallery (online) that has any such artwork in the east.