Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reduced Prices on Inuit Art Sculptures

In order to make room for new Inuit art pieces that will be arriving in the near future, I reduced prices on many of the
current Inuit art pieces, especially those that have been in the gallery for awhile. Here are some of the 'specials';

Standing Polar Bear was $675, now $595

Polar Bear was $595, now $495

Another Polar Bear was $595, now $495

Polar Bear was $240, now $225

Handstanding Bear was $195, now $175

Kneeling Drum Dancer was $850, now $695

Seal was $90, now $75

Seal was $120, now $95

Arctic Fish was $160, now $130

Ivory Seal Broach was $75, now $50

Arctic Bird was $160, now $145

and one of our Northwest Native carvings was also reduced;

24 inch Bald Eagle carving was $175, now $150

Previously, most pieces under $100 required a shipping charge.
Now, ALL pieces shipped to North American destinations whether
under or over $100 will be FREE.

So have some fun browsing and I hope either you or your friends
could take advantage of these reduced prices.


Free Spirit Gallery

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