Friday, June 20, 2008

Native American Cultural Videos on YouTube

All of our Native American Cultural Videos which are viewable directly at our Free Spirit Gallery website are also on YouTube.  Many people utilize the comments sections at our videos on YouTube but we have chosen to moderate them.  Some people for whatever reason, choose to write comments that are too political, have nothing to do with the videos or are just plain spam.  

Therefore, we exercise our option to not approve such comments and may even block particular YouTube users from attempting to leave future comments on any of our videos.  These Native American Cultural videos are for everyone's enjoyment and not a ground for political views or spam.  

If you are interested to access our videos for their cultural content, you can do so either through our website or on YouTube.  We suggest doing so at our website so you could get quick access to our other content such as our numerous information articles and Native American artwork.

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