Wednesday, June 04, 2008

New Book On Haida Northwest Coast Native Art

Vancouver, May 27 2008 – Northwest Coast art authority Carol Sheehan’s new book Breathing Stone: Contemporary Haida Argillite Sculpture profiles 15 exceptional artists re-invigorating an old Northwest Coast art form. The book will be launched at Masters Gallery, Calgary on June 19 with author, artists, and photographers Jack Litrell and John W. Heintz in attendance. With 200 colour photographs taken in artists’ workshops, galleries, collectors’ homes and on-site in Haida Gwaii – the Queen Charlotte Islands – Breathing Stone is passionate, original and beautiful.

Inspirited by Haida master Bill Reid, the last 20 years have seen the emergence of prolific new sculptors on Haida Gwaii. “These Haida artists have been recognized in Canada and worldwide for their artistic passion, innovation, and excellence," said Sheehan."Exceptional in vision and execution, their work is expanding the legacy of fine art that has come from the people of Haida Gwaii for centuries." Throughout Breathing Stone, the excitement and commitment of the Haida artists shines through. For them, argillite sculpture is a source of intense pride, a means of showing the world the richness of their culture. See for sample pages of the book.

The artists of Breathing Stone are:

Sean Brennan; Michael Brown; Donnie Edenshaw; Shaun Edgars; Chris Russ; Gary Minaker Russ; Marcel Russ; Lionel Samuels; Jay Simeon; Robert Vogstad; Darrell White; Gryn White; Martin Williams; Cooper Wilson; and Freddie Wilson.

There is much more information such as articles, videos and artwork examples of Northwest Native art at the Free Spirit Gallery site.

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