Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Inuit Art More Realistic

I was on a service call appointment with a customer this week since our gallery offers personal onsite service for folks living or working in the greater Toronto area.  This customer had narrowed down his choice to two different polar bear carvings.  

So I brought both of them to his home and he ended up buying both of them.  While I was there, he showed me his wife's small collection of two older pieces of Inuit art.  One was a seal and other other was a walrus carving.  They were both authentic pieces and I estimated them to be from the 1970s or 1980s.  Both had the animals posing on bases even though they were carved from single pieces of stone.  This style of carving in bases was more common back then.

The customer wanted at least one polar bear to complement the existing collection at home.  Since polar bears are now the most in demand of all Inuit art carvings, this was a good idea.

Today, the styles of Inuit art have evolved so that pieces look more realistic and do not usually feature a base.  Inuit carvings today are generally have more polished finishes as well.  Nevertheless, it was interesting to see the older pieces that this customer had in his house.

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